• Program FAQs

    Is it possible for my child to do multiple sessions?Yes!What do the grades mean that are listed beside each class? Does K-8 mean that all of these ages are together in the classroom?No, that is simply the range for which the class is offered. In other words, kids going into these grades may enroll for this class. Most typically, children are grouped in double grade groupings, i.e. 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and 5th and 6th in the actual class. There may be some exceptions to this depending on enrollment, i.e., a drama class containing 3 grades.Who are Summer Wonders students?We have students from every public school district in the Austin area and most private schools. Over the years, children from New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, Virginia, Louisiana, and Arizona have attended as well as kids from Korea, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. We believe that our diversity is outstanding and thus enriches any child’s individual experience.How early can I drop my child off in the morning?We accept children as early as 8:00 AM into our Game Room for supervised play. There is no charge for this service.What is the difference between the morning program and the afternoon?In the morning sessions, the child and parent pick the classes, while in the afternoon, the theme is already selected by the staff. We try to pick themes that are fun, but can also be taught using a multidisciplinary approach with lots of hands-on activities, similar to the philosophy we use in choosing and developing our morning classes. The afternoon tends to be a little more active and informal than the morning. In order, it includes time for lunch, a choice of either outdoor or indoor free play and the theme experience. For children who find it difficult to connect with peers in their regular school, the afternoon provides an additional wonderful opportunity to socially interact with more children of like minds. During lunch we have noticed how often children of mixed grades interact and an overall relaxed atmosphere of interchange. The afternoon can provide a child a greater chance for social validation and an opportunity to experiment socially in a way that may be unique in their lives.Can I do only the afternoon session?No, your child may take the afternoon session in addition to the morning session for a full day experience, but afternoon sessions cannot be taken separately. Summer Wonders is a program designed to meet the intellectual, emotional, and social needs of gifted children. Our goal is to create a well-rounded experience for your child. Research on gifted children supports the importance of allowing children to explore areas of passion - thus the significance of the morning choices.What is your average class size?We set a cap of 15 in a class for most grades, and fewer for kindergarten-aged classes. We limit the Little Wonders class to 12. Our minimum is 6 kids because we believe that part of the value of the experience we offer comes in the form of the social interaction between kids who are passionate about the same subjects. Larger groups almost always have an aide in the classroom in addition to the teacher.

  • Application FAQs

    • If my child has never had any testing done, been too young for evaluation into a GT program, or goes to a school where they don’t evaluate for GT. How do I know if they fit in this program?

      Many of our enrollees are in this situation. If that is the case, we refer parents to the list of characteristics of gifted children.

    • Are you still taking applications?

      We accept applications until our program fills. After the end of the registration deadlines, we will assess how full are classes are and, pending availability, accept late registrations.

    • May I submit my application in person?

      Please submit your complete application by email, fax or mail only. Our office, part of a full-time school during the day, is in a locked facility and we are unable to make special arrangements to receive applications by hand. Please note that classes are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, per either timestamp of online registration or postmark dates of complete applications with $200 deposits per session (if submitted pre-May 1st) or payment in full.

    • In registering and placing my child in classes, do you go by my child’s present grade or the grade they will enter next fall?

      Placement is based on the child’s grade as of the next fall. For example, a 1st grader who finishes in May will then be considered a 2nd grader for Summer Wonders.


    • My child is home-schooled. How do I estimate my child’s current grade level?

      Take your child’s age as of the upcoming Fall semester and subtract five to calculate their current grade level, then add one to calculate your child’s grade level for next fall.  Sign up for Summer Wonders classes based on your child’s hypothetical grade level for the upcoming Fall semester.

    • When first applying, must all materials be submitted at once?

      The Registration Form and Teacher Recommendation must be completed online, but the Behavioral Contract (signed by both parent and child), Immunization History, photo of your child, and $200 deposit per session (if submitted before May 1st), or Payment in full must be submitted to hold your child’s place. Please submit all materials together by email, fax or mail. Do not submit them separately. We will not consider your child’s application until all online portions and mailed portions of the application have been received.

    • How will I know if you’ve received all of our materials and my child’s application is complete?

      We will confirm with you by email when we receive all of your materials.  To ensure that there is no delay in your child’s application, we recommend that you follow up with your child’s teacher to confirm that they have submitted their online recommendation.

    • My child is home-schooled. Do I have to submit a Teacher Recommendation?

      Yes. The Teacher Recommendation is required. It may be filled out by a coach, tutor, or any non-family member adult who knows your child well.

    • Does my student need a Teacher’s Recommendation in order to participate in Little Wonders?

      Yes. This can be from anyone who is not related to your child who acts as a teacher of some sort-- a coach, an activity leader, etc.

    • If my child is a returning student, do we still need a Teacher’s Recommendation Form completed?

      Yes. After the first year, when we look at this form as a consideration of admission, we are primarily interested to see how the year went for your child. Even second and third year parents frequently ask us about educational placement or behavioral issues and it helps to have a little feedback from the child’s teacher, either good or bad. A less than glowing recommendation may sometimes indicate a poor fit between your child and a teacher, so the teacher’s feedback is simply a starting point for further discussion. The other reason that we require this form from all students is that it may provide an opportunity for a teacher who has never heard of our program to become more aware of it and perhaps share information about Summer Wonders with another family who could benefit.

    • If my child is a returning student, do we still need to turn in the Behavioral Contract, Immunization, and photo?

      Yes.  We need all materials, every year.

    • My child is a student at ACE Academy. Is my application process different?

      Yes. Please contact the ACE office to learn more.

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