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On-Campus Sessions

Rockhound Adventures (Ages 7 and up)

Learn all about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks right here in Texas. Did you know that Austin has its own volcano? This class could end in a fossil hunt in Shoal Creek and a hunt for pyritized (golden) fossils.

Drills and Skills (Ages 7 and up)

We've all been stuck inside for too long; it's time to get outdoors in the fresh air and MOVE! We will tackle fun games and skills as you learn how to hacky sack, juggle, and experience fun fitness challenges all around. Your body and mind will thank you.

On-Campus Sessions

Chess for Rookies (Ages 7 and up)

Who's ready to play a classic strategy game? Learn the beginnings of chess, play chess games, and learn notation. If you are a rookie and want to improve your skills, then this class is for you. Chess for Rookies ends in a mini-tournament with prizes!

Orange Space Monkey Flight School (Ages 7 and up)

Do you want to learn to fly!..a drone that is. Gain a deeper understanding of drone flight rules and regulations. We'll even explore how drones are used today in the world. This class will be hands-on, as you actually learn to fly and film using drone technology.

On-Campus Sessions

Blink! Robotics for beginners (Ages 7 and up)

Learn all about microcontrollers with the Arduino Uno and how to build a robot brain. This class does requires a laptop and extra material fees.

Dungeons and Dragons (Ages 7 and up)

Create your own fictional character and embark with your friends on an adventure! Unearth Lost Treasure! Explore forgotten labyrinths! Slay evil dragons! You decide where the story goes next. If you are brave and clever enough, you may even rise to be a hero!

Ages 7 and Up

On-Campus Sessions



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