Is it possible for my child to do multiple sessions?
How are classes grouped?
Classes are assigned on a first come, first serve basis and separated with like aged students. For example, a Pre K student will not be in the same class as an 8th grader.
Do I get to choose which morning classes my child will take?
Yes. On the registration form you will select your child’s top 5 class preferences. Class placement is done on a first come, first serve and separated with like-aged students.
Do I get to choose which Full Day Immersion class my child will take?
Yes. On the registration form you will select your preferred class. Immersion Classes are age specific and assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
When will I receive my child’s schedule?
You will get an email two weeks prior to your enrolled session. You will also receive a parent packet with specific camp details.
Can my 6th - 8th grader participate in Summer Wonders Morning or Full Day Immersions?
Yes, absolutely. Classes will be grouped with similar aged peers and taught specifically for that age range.
Who are Summer Wonders students?
Any student who has a passion for learning and discovery! No testing is required for participation.
Can my child bring an electronic device to camp?
Students may use an electronic device in particular classes that the teacher deems one necessary. However, we will provide each student with said device, so it is not necessary to bring one from home. Students who stay for extended care are also permitted to bring a device from home. However, devices will be monitored and not allowed to be shared with other students.
How early can I drop my child off for camp in the morning?
We provide free, supervised morning care from 8 - 9 am in Room 311.
Are you still taking registrations?
Yes! We accept registrations until our program fills. If the registration form is available online, you can register! Please note, class selection is done on a first come, first serve basis.
May I submit my registration and payment in person or via mail?
It is preferred that registration and payment is completed on our website. However, if you have a particular circumstance that makes that difficult you can contact Summer Wonders Director, Elizabeth Roper at eroper@austingifted.org.
In registering and placing my child in classes, do you go by my child’s present grade or the grade they will enter next fall?
Placement is based on the child’s grade as of the next fall. For example, a 1st grader who finishes in May will then be considered a 2nd grader for Summer Wonders.
My child is home-schooled. How do I estimate my child’s current grade level?
Take your child’s age as of September 1st of this year and subtract five. That will give you your child’s public school grade equivalent for next school year. Sign up for Summer Wonders classes based on your child’s hypothetical grade level for the upcoming Fall semester.
How will I know if I’ve completed registration correctly and officially signed up for Summer Wonders?
You will receive an email after completing the online registration form and payment. This email confirms registration.

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